"The Biscuit Lady" - Michelle Tehan started The Biscuit Shop out of her home kitchen, baking biscuits in the wee hours of the morning. Popular demand for her delicious, southern style, scratch made biscuits drove her to open a shop in the heart of Starkville, MS.  The Biscuit Shop has become so popular that biscuits are flying off the shelves as soon as they are out of the oven! 

The Biscuit Shop needed a brand to match the flour-flinging energy and southern charm of The Biscuit Lady. A traditional badge style logo with modern typography accomplished this task by bringing flair and personality.




A popular southern women's clothing boutique, Deep South Pout had a desire to re-brand when they brought Sparrow Ink Design on board in early 2015. 

Their target market is southern women of every generation. Nestled in the heart of Starkville, MS - home of Mississippi State University, Deep South Pout has a strong following with college aged girls, but they didn't want to exclude their older fan base.

We decided to ditch the kiss in favor of a cleaner and more readable design that would appeal to women of all ages. We kept similar colors of the original brand for consistency. Secondary elements like text fonts were also kept from the original brand.

The shortened "Heart DSP" design allows for more versatility in small spaces especially for web and social media applications where brevity is essential. 

Artboard 1.jpg