Website Refresh

  We accomplished this great feat via SquareSpace

Sparrow Ink Design specializes in branding and print design. Website design is like visiting a different country with more than one language to learn. While it's not impossible to master, we have decided that its in the best interest of our clients to outsource website design. 

Our dream in the future is to have a custom site developed by LaunchGo Creative, that will allow for more creativity and functionality with our website design. In the meantime, we are so excited about the refresh and hope to keep it stocked with current portfolio work and articles that educate about branding and print design.

Whether you are looking for a simple and affordable DIY site like SquareSpace or a budget friendly custom bells and whistles site from LaunchGo Creative, we can help to point you in the right direction for your business. 

Emily Mabry

A native of Rochester, NY, Emily Mabry was brought up in an atmosphere seeped with art and music. The vibrant influences of the city led her south to Belhaven University to pursue a BFA in graphic design. Her passion for music and her talent as a bassist and a guitarist brought her together with her husband, Caleb, also an accomplished musician. The couple spent two years living outside of Harrisburg, PA, attending ministry school while Emily worked as a junior graphic designer. They have since returned to the south, where Caleb is part of the Mississippi Army National Guard. Channeling northern flair and southern charm into her work, Emily uses her skills as a musician to weave fresh depths into the rich tones and modern notes of her designs. Caleb and Emily Mabry currently reside with their son Cillian in Starkville, MS.

A small freelance graphic design business, Sparrow Ink Design has a heart for the client. Desiring to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits find and come into their own identity, Sparrow Ink Design offers professional designs that will establish a clear and unique presence, effectively helping propel your business to the front of the market.